AJ3 Customizable Rear panel


Customizable and OEM alternative full-body 3D printed replacement panels.
built for the AJ3 model which features a Curved hugged design for easy installation and maintains the shape and look of the AJ3.

*Panels are printed in full base color, fonts are not painted*

2 panels per 1 order (Left & Right Pair). ✌️

Colors Available:
White ⚪ Black ⚫ Red 🔴 Blue 🔵 

Design Format: 
Single (1 Design on both left & right panel). 🔴🔴
Alternating (1 design on left panel & 1 design on right panel). 🔴🟥

Printed Stitching (convenient, full body, plug & play). 
Guided Holes (easy stitching, emulates original, aesthetic look). 

Design-build: (*May vary on complexity and changes)
Lettering & basic shapes - 1-3 days 
Logo, icon, complex designs - 3-7 days

Print Speed: (How long it takes to print, not including shipping): 
*Print speed is determined upon approval of the render:
Rush - 7 days 🏎️
Priority - 14 days 🚗
Standard - 2-3 Weeks 🚚

Universal fit - (Fits AJ3 models, and models with AJ3 rear panels.)

Nylon 12 Polymer, Hard rigid plastic.

Print Type: 
Selective Laser Sintering 

 Product Disclaimer:
*May require some minimal sanding to reach desired finished. Product renders does not constitute final product. Clients must paint the panel before installation. Check out the FAQ page for more info.

Product Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Product Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

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