Submit your projects here!

We have printed over 500+ custom panels over the years. It's time to show them off. Whether your panels were the first generation or a throwback material (elastoplastic and elastoplastic) to the newest pre-bent panels, send us your best shoe pic!

Basic requirements:

  • 1080P or 4K quality raw photos. No edits.
  • 9:16 ratio. 
  • 3 main photos + 1 extra (optional)
  • Your name + Instagram (so we can tag you)
  • Your state.

Don't worry. We will credit your work! We want to feature your projects because our clients deserves the recognition! Below are the main photo examples.


spot on design and solutions

Whether you have AJ3, AJ4, AJ7, whichever customs you have, show off those panels. If you have a before and after photo, THAT would be dope.


spot on design and solutions

Take your best shot of your work. You can take some photos outside to maximize lighting.


spot on design and solutions

You can hold it, dangle it, swing it, etc. 


spot on design and solutions

And finally, a fit check. Flex a little. 


We hope to see your photos featured on our site! Please send us your project photos. Our team hardly see the after photos and we would love to have your work featured!

Thank you for trusting SODS on your sneaker projects!